Pay Per Click.

PPC is the fastest way to send targeted traffic to your site. Our blend of strategy, tracking and engaging ad copy ensure we build you profitable marketing campaigns.

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Audit & Research

We use public and in-house tools to enable us to precisely examine and investigate your existing PPC campaigns to see if there is anything we can build upon. We don’t want to scrap any work you may have already done, we want to use it to inspire us and help us better understand your business targets and goals.

Research is essential when it comes to paid advertising, we don’t want you paying out more than you need to. That’s why we do fundamental keyword research to ensure that you’re targeting the right phrases, as well as the right audience, for your product or service.

Campaign Creation

With the research and analysis done we can then go on to create a campaign that showcases the very best services or products you have to offer. Using Google AdWords we create various campaigns that target different areas of your company.

We then split those campaigns into Adgroups, adding in those all important keywords that you wish to target every step of the way. Lastly we use those keywords to create adverts that are eye catching, compelling and perfectly represent you as a business. The result is a pay per click campaign that is easy to manage and directly boosts your conversions.

Implementation & Bid Management

The steps above in the campaign creation may sound easy in retrospect to implement, but without the correct knowledge you could end up spending a small fortune. We want to make sure that your campaigns are set up correctly from day one, so that they are accurately tracking and collecting data from the get go. This is why we like to A/B test all of your adverts, keeping them (and us) on top form.

Keeping on top of your bid management is key to keeping a good position and high quality score. Our team are fully trained to help you wish paid marketing, they can and will continuously adjust your bid prices so that your adverts appear in top positions.

Tracking & Reporting

Pay per click advertising isn’t only marvellous at giving you quick, effective results but it can also help you to identify key areas of your market that you should explore further. What you may think is popular may be a flop when it comes to advertising, at the same time you may be ignoring aspects of your niche that could prove fruitful to your business.

We pride ourselves on our customer service, so we will make sure that you know exactly what is going on by creating reports to both enlighten and encourage you. Reports enable us to give precise feedback on your campaigns and offer valuable insights into budgets, conversions and click through rates.

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