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smooth criminal cup and postcard with flowers in background

A great customer service story used to get around by word of mouth. A friend telling a friend and so on. Nowadays, stories about great (or terrible) customer service travel like wildfire due to social media, and those businesses who manage to build rapport with their customers are the winners! We all love to hear a good story about customer service, and if it’s comical too then the chances of getting it shared is even greater.  Today we would like to share a story about great customer service from our accounts software provider, Xero.

We received a response to a recent support request from Annie, who was able to deal with our enquiry speedily (10 points to Xero!) In our reply, we cheekily referenced a popular MJ song and asked if “Annie was ok”. Her reply? “I’ve been struck by a smooth criminal.” Everyone in the office was pretty pleased with that response and we all had a chuckle and forgot about it.

But it turns out that wasn’t the best part…

A few days later, a package had tried to be delivered to the office. Weird, as we hadn’t ordered anything. Nonetheless, we collected the parcel which was a very thoughtful gift and letter from the team at Xero.

Smooth criminal cup and postcard

So Xero, thanks for your support and for reassuring us that Annie truly is “ok”. We think your service, your product and your team are fab!

Have you got a great customer service story? Why not share it in the comments below!

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