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How Can You Control How Much Data Netflix Uses?

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When it comes to watching TV, boxsets or movies on Netflix, do we really know how much data is used? I didn’t, until I started investigating.

Here are some facts that I found, that could possibly help you with your data issues.

Netflix, on average, can use up to 1GB of data per hour when streaming standard definition, and then up to 3GB per hour when streaming in HD.

For Netflix members, this can cause a huge hassle every month especially if you have a data cap on your internet service.

Listed below are a few ways that I have found that can cut down the amount of data being used by Netflix, without having to do anything too drastic like not watching Netflix at all.

Adjusting Your Data Usage Settings.

The simplest way to reduce the amount of data being used by Netflix is to adjust the data in your account settings. Doing this should reduce the bandwidth whilst you watch your favourite TV shows or the newly added movies.

There are currently four different data usage settings to pick from. I have listed below each estimate per stream:

  1. Low Usage – 0.3GB per hour
  2. Medium Usage – 0.7GB per hour
  3. High Usage – HD up to 3GB per hour – Ultra HD 7GB per hour.
  4. Auto Usage – Adjusts itself automatically, delivering the best quality based on your internet speed.

If you want to choose a setting that will work best for you and your internet plan then navigate your way to the Your Account page and select the Playback setting, which is usually in the My Profile selection. Once you have selected the usage setting you want, it can take up to 8 hours to see the changes.
netflix account screen

Also, one thing to remember is that the data usage that you have just applied will only apply to the profile you have set it from, this means that you can have different data settings on each profile you have on your account. If you are concerned about the overall amount of data then make sure you go onto each profile and adjust each playback setting.

Netflix account settings screen
Netflix data usage screen
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