Physical Gold — Case Study.

Physical Gold are a precious metals dealer that provide a fully managed service for buying and selling gold and silver.

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The Brief

Review the existing pay per click campaign that a previous agency had set up and establish areas for improving the return being achieved and identify opportunities to increase the overall enquiry rate.

Our Approach

We commenced with a full audit of the existing pay per click campaign and reported on opportunities to both improve the existing campaign and to extend the campaign into banner display and remarking.

Heat mapping software was used to monitor visitor interaction with the existing landing pages and an A/B split testing campaign was then run to test a range of landing page variables. Display marketing opportunities were identified and display creatives created. These were then split tested to optimise click through rates which in turn established click costs below the industry average.

Example of a heatmap


Old landing page screenshot

Old landing page

New landing page screenshot

New landing page

The Results

  • 37% increase in the profitability of the original PPC spend
  • 46% increase in targeted traffic to the website
  • An overall fall in the average cost per enquiry of 34%
  • Bounce rate reduced by 24%

The work that we implemented not only resulted in a substantial reduction in the average click costs for the original campaign, it also drove an increased conversion rate leading to a fall in the average cost per enquiry too. The combined result was more targeted traffic at a substantially lower acquisition cost and increased profitability.

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