Mutinee — Case Study. is a first of its kind social networking platform for amateur filmmakers that provides a space for filmmakers to network and get feedback on completed projects.

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The Brief

Competition Flyer

Competition Flyer

We were asked to create a proposal for increasing the average rate at which videos were being added to the website in order to establish the site as a portal for watching amateur films in a edition to its social networking functionality.

Our Approach

We commenced with detailed research into the sector and the habits of Mutinee’s target audience. Through questionnaires and a targeted survey we established that the need to buy equipment was a top concern for most budding film students. We then established a competition around a prize consisting of popular film making equipment. For the prize we developed sponsorship opportunities to minimise the actual cost to Mutinee. Digital PR and social media were utilised to spread the word.

The Results

Traffic Growth Graph
  • Video signups grew by 118% during the 2 month competition period
  • Post competition the average daily visitor count to the site had increased by 31%

The competition was a resounding success and led to both a substantial increase in video uploads during the campaign period. In addition the exposure given to the competition assisted in raising the profile of the platform which in turn had the welcome additional benefit of increasing the overall traffic visiting the website.

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