Digital Strategy.

For multi channel digital marketing campaigns the strategy behind the marketing that is implemented is critical to the success of the campaign. We take a three stage approach to the implementation of all digital campaigns.

Devise, Define, Deploy

Devising the campaign involves establishing the goals behind the campaign. Is the objective to grow traffic, sales, lead generation or to build brand awareness or sentiment, for example. Once the goals of the campaign are identified we can utilise our years of experience and skill sets across all digital channels to establish which of the various digital marketing channels are most appropriate for achieving the objectives.

Defining a campaign involves creating a list of exactly what will be done to achieve the objectives and a road map that sets out the timetable for deployment of the different elements of the campaign.

Deployment of the campaign elements requires attention to the details of the campaign and carrying out the implementation of the individual activities required.

Our many years of experience across a huge range of business and creative sectors puts us in an excellent position to create campaigns that deliver excellent return on the expense of the marketing campaign.