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#HowFacebookIsFeeling And The Myspace “Comeback”

You may have noticed, with the new changes with Google+ and Google hangouts, Facebook has decided that enough is enough and that they are doing everything in their power to be the number 1 social networking site. They have done this in the past 2 weeks by adding 2 “new” features to their website. I use quotation marks for the word “new” as they are only new to Facebook and not social networking altogether.

They have acquired some inspiration from the old platform for Myspace by taking their idea of moods and how we are all feeling. You can post a status claiming that you are “excited” or “sad” with a small emoticon to match your upbeat or dreary mood. But that isn’t all, you can also put what you are watching, eating, playing, reading or listening to (which becomes a little void when you use Spotify via your Facebook account).

Facebook status

They have also cottoned onto the fact that everyone these days have gone hashtag mad (most recently of all, Google) and have given into the hype by giving its users the ability to not only hashtag in statuses but in comments to people as well. Hashtagging has become a new means of communication as it creates forum type discussions, for example if you use #EdSheeran you can click on the hashtag to find other people who are obsessed with the young chart topper and discus his new album or dashing looks.

It is no wonder that Facebook is regarded as the social network of choice, there isn’t much that you can’t do via Facebook anymore. I have to admit I am a serious addict; I go on mine every day posting pictures and statuses in the vain hope that one of my friends will like or laugh at it, it’s what we all do. It has become the lifeblood of socialisation within not only this country, but the world.


In other social network news, Myspace has made the news this month with a new campaign that aims to show the world that they are now the hub and home of all that is music. Their new website design is geared towards music fans from around the world and boasts to have “portable music”, so wherever you go you can always have access to the latest hits and albums.

A new feature to go alongside this is the ability to create and custom make playlists for your friends, it also claims to have the worlds largest digital music library (with no pesky adverts, unlike rival Spotify). They realise that they cannot compete with Facebook’s social networking supremacy and have decided to lead themselves down their own musical avenue.

To be fair with them, it really works; it’s easy to use and is great for music lovers and musicians alike. I guess Myspace didn’t die off after all, just went for a lengthy nap.

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