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Merry Christmas! Now Spread The Love With Lend With Care

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Ever stopped to wonder about all those Christmas cards that you send every year? What happens to them after you send your festive greetings on to a family member, loved one, acquaintance or business contact? No country sends as many greetings cards as the UK. In 2015 the greetings card industry took in over £1.7 billion – more than ever before!

In our digital world sometimes it is nice to put pen to paper and send someone a physical card – there is certainly something far more personal about a handwritten card as opposed to an email. Facebook reminds us of the birthdays of those on our friends list so we can ping off a quick message or post onto a timeline, almost every part of our lives can be automated so taking the time to choose a card and write it is more meaningful.

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The greetings card industry also provides jobs for over 100,000 people in the UK – from artists and graphic designers to printers and retailers both tiny and enormous!

It’s not all about the money – charities also benefit from the sales of Christmas cards . The Greetings Card Association estimate that £50m per year is raised through the sales of charity christmas card packs.

So, if greetings cards are as great as all that, why have Baycat decided not to send our clients  Christmas cards this year?

We are very much paperless at Baycat – apart from a couple of notebooks we barely print a scrap of paper in the office, and we didn’t like the idea of changing that philosophy for a holiday.  As a small team with treasured clients we wanted to do something to show we cared – so we got to thinking about making a cartoon or small animation to upload to our blog to wish our clients compliments of the season.

That idea still didn’t sit right with us, and we decided that the best way to show we care would be support a really worthwhile charity. So, instead of using our budget to create an animation, or send out Christmas cards this year to our valued suppliers and clients, we have decided to donate to Lend With Care.

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Who Are Lend With Care?

Lend With Care are a revolutionary platform allowing some of the world’s poorest people to become entrepreneurs with a little investment from the lenders they are connected with through the website. For as little as £15 you can set someone up in their own business – and as this money is a loan, rather than a gift, the money is slowly repaid to your Lend With Care account. Once the loan is repaid you can choose to withdraw the money or loan it to another entrepreneur.  The Lend With Care website usually has around 100 or so entrepreneurs listed on the site at any one time, so you can choose the business you are investing in. From farmers, shop owners, shoemakers and tailors, there are a great range of enterprising individuals to support! The fantastic thing about Lend With Care is 100% of your loan goes directly to the person you elect to receive it – so you can be certain that you have helped someone. Seeing the repayments into your Lend With Care account is also great as you know that the borrower is thriving!

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How Can You Help?

Why not set up your own Lend With Care account and start loaning today? Lend With Care also run a shop where you can buy a selection of beautiful products made by artisans in developing countries. Finally, if you’re stuck for a Christmas gift, why not buy a voucher?


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