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Apple: Money, Secrets and New Technology

As you may have all seen, Apple have been in the news solidly over various different news stories this past month. The first news story that reached the surface was the suspicions over a newer mobile payment method using NFC technologies. This has since been confirmed and is one of Apple’s USPs for the brand new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, but it won’t bfxe available until October.

Mobile phone e-commerce is stronger than ever before, although this new technology allows for faster payments in retail shops it’s still no competition when it comes to selling products online through an online store.

We actually made an infographic not too long ago called “The Mobile Marketing Takeover” which looks at e-commerce on mobile devices and we found that 52% of the UK’s younger age groups would use a mobile optimised website over a dedicated app. This shows that although Apple’s new wallet (AKA Apple Pay) allows for payment in shops and in iTunes, you’re unable to use this technology in a websites shopping cart.

That said it is a more secure way of payment, using your fingerprint as identification before completing any transaction. Unlike contactless credit/debit cards that can be used by anyone as they require no identification.

On a similar note and moving onto our second story of today, Apple’s security measures were recently questioned after several famous faces saw themselves as part of a large scale scandal. They offer a service to customers called iCloud, which is storage for those using any Apple device where you can store all kinds of files safely, or so we thought. At the very beginning of this month the news broke that famous faces such as actress Jennifer Lawrence had personal photos stolen and shared without permission.

The hacker involved calls himself “OriginalGuy” and admitted to stealing hundreds of celebrity nude photographs. And it wasn’t just him, he claims to have been part of a large hacking group who were all involved. The Daily Mail have said the man is thought to be on the run from the FBI currently after failed attempts to sell the images on Reddit, half of which were suspected to be fake.

Apple have now added additional security measures to make sure users information remains safe, Tim Cook (Apple’s Chief Executive) had told The Guardian that users will be alerted by email and push notifications when someone attempts to change their password. We personally advise having a difficult password (with numbers and symbols) and having different passwords for everything. It can be a pain, but it will certainly keep you safe.

If you’re the forgetful kind or have hundreds of passwords to remember you can always use password managers such as LastPass or 1Password (which are now both free). We use password managers to make sure all of our clients passwords are safe and secure.

It was questioned as to whether the hacking would affect Apples sale of the iPhone 6, but it would appear as if it won’t affect it at all. If anything the “scandal” of the iCloud actually made for some rather good press, leading to people queuing since as early as Monday morning to wait for the arrival of the new phone. The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have gone on sale today and it’s expected to be their best selling iPhone yet. The Telegraph have reported that over 1000 individuals were found queuing outside the London store in Covent Garden this morning.

Lastly we touch on another new piece of Apple technology which comes in the form of the much anticipated Apple Watch. The designs are out and it was quite a shock for Apple fans, as the final product looks nothing like the original design mock ups everyone was going crazy for. They ditched the new age digital look for a more modern ‘today’ style, including interchangeable straps in various materials.

Although the watch is not set to be ready for release until early 2015, the first sneak peeks has gotten technology and Apple enthusiasts very excited. There are 3 versions of the new watch, the plain and simple Apple Watch with stainless steel, the durable Apple Watch Sport and the stylish Apple Watch Edition with 18-karat gold and sapphire crystal.

As well as a selection of built-in apps such as Phone, Messages, Weather, Siri (and more), Apple Watch will also allow developers to create apps. This means developers will be faced with the new challenge of making their apps look & work great on various screen sizes and resolutions. Websites can tackle this problem with something known as responsive web design (RWD).

This is the term given to a website that will respond and adapt to the device it is viewed on, resulting in a website that is optimised for any screen size imaginable. You can use a responsive testing tool such as our very own Dimensions to aid in the creation of responsive websites. We’re actually hoping to roll out a new and updated version of the tool (including the new Apple iPhones) along with a brand new website by the new year, so keep your eyes peeled.

So this past month has been quite the roller coaster for Apple and it’s users, but despite the big news stories and suspicions they have been able to create and showcase 2 fantastic new phones, a watch and have brushed off the nasties of the media. Well played. Apple.

Feature Image Credit: Apple

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